Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Innocent

Innocent lives are taken
So that innocent lives may be saved.
Who can decide such a fate?
In ignorance of their souls
It's easy to say, "Right choice."
I am the result of that choice.
My life was spared,
Theirs was not.
How many would have died
Had we not acted?
It was not their fault
That their government had made its move.
Still, I cannot say that it was the wrong choice.
It is almost conceit and obnoxiousness to utter those words.
What if I was the one standing there when the bomb was dropped?
However, where would my own family and home be
Had it not been?
Is there any answer to such questions?
I love my country;
For my freedom, I am not thankful enough.
But the innocent...
They died inside the blast radius,
Yet they live outside it too.

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