Wednesday, May 14, 2008


You spoke to me. I did not listen.
You did not get my full attention.
Every battle, I had to win.
Every debate, myself defend.

Hurting you was a sacrifice
That I was willing to make.
Never myself would I analyze
When victory was at stake.

I never looked at your point of view.
I always said that you were wrong.
The times I loved were oh so few.
My selfishness grew ever strong.

I held you under lock and key.
But what I would not see;
Your spirit simply could not be
Any less than free.

And that's the way that it should be.
Nothing shackled; Nothing bound.
If I loved like you loved me
Then freedom would be what you found.

I say this all to simply say
That I was very wrong.
I should have listened when you spoke.
Instead, I broke your heart.

I'm sorry for my selfishness.
I'm sorry for the chain.
You should have never gone through it.
I'm sorry for the pain.

I cannot change what's gone and past,
The future's yours to live.
I cannot give you freedom
For freedom's not mine to give.

Freedom to love; freedom to go.
Freedom to fly; freedom to grow.
I love you, my dear, and you are free.
And free is what you will always be.

Love is not self-seeking.
It gives more than it takes.
Love doth find it pleasing
To give it's life away.

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publicdisgrace said...

I read this poem.

The lines are short. It is not a bad poem though. It is a good poem.