Sunday, May 11, 2008

Psalm 34:10

Hopelessness filled my soul
As I saw this creature writhing in hunger.
The king of the jungle was now the king of desperation.
He sought for food;
There was none to be found.
This creature was stronger than me.
He had more courage;
He was more fit to survive.
And yet there he lay.
Every rib could be numbered.
In desperation, I cried out,
God, how can this be!
How are any of us to survive
If the strongest can't even make it!
I was full of fear and full of pain.
I worried about the future;
Life looked grim.
Then I heard a still and quiet voice.
It was the voice of God.
He understood my weakness;
And with grace, He would conquer my anxiety.

With truth in His eyes
And a will to accomplish His Word,
He said to me:
The lions grow weak;
They have nothing to eat,
But a promise I have for your pain.
If Me, you will seek,
All your needs will I meet,
In your Lord, you will lack no good thing.

The promise echoed in my ears;
I could not see the Lord,
But peace was where it had not been before.
The promise became real in my heart.
I knew that God would keep His Word.
I understood life and faith more.
If I sought on my own to fulfill my wants and needs
Then emptiness would be all I would find.
But God is good
And He loves me more than anyone could ever love me.
If I sought Him,
I would lack no good thing.
If I sought His kingdom and His righteousness,
Then all these things would be added unto me.

In me there is a need, that no one but God can meet.
I was created to glorify Him.
Though I sought His gifts,
His gifts will never Him be.
God is Who I need.
God is Who I need.

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