Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Journey of a Hero

A world ordinary, so calm and so plain;
I look all around, but it all is the same.
And nothing is special about my own name.
No cloud in the sky on a day without rain.

But something's not right; it's unsettling here.
The call to adventure screams right in my ear.
The future is darkness; the darkness I fear.
My destiny's coming and now it draws near. 

I will not do this; I refuse my own call.
I will not go fight them; my flesh, they will mar.
I will stay right here for out there is too far.
I'm needed right here; and in battle, I'll fall.  

I met an old man and a mentor was he. 
He taught me to fight well and never to flee.
He gave me a sword and a pearl of the sea.
The need of such things he explained I would see. 

Embarked on my own and I came to a wall;
The only door there had a beast standing guard. 
I pulled out my sword and I dealt him his card.
The first threshold crossed and the foe had his fall. 

I faced many tests and I found a few friends;
I called them my allies; my wounds had their mends.
I faced many enemies; they met their ends.
New dangers arriving and moving like winds. 

But there is the cave; I'm approaching it now.
I traveled so that I may come to this place.
Pure evil rests here and it breathes on my face.
The stench is horrific; so strong and so foul.

The battle draws nigh; the ordeal has now come.
A terrible giant; my stature, its thumb. 
Bright light from my pearl and its body goes numb.
I plunge the sword deep, drawing blood mixed with rum. 

The vict'ry is mine just as well as the gold. 
An old book of wisdom, I find it here too.
And pearls like my own, I did gather a few.
Reward is so vast and its equal untold. 

I take the road back, but I don't want to go.
I want to fight one more unbeatable foe.
I take the first steps, and indeed they are slow;
So much I have seen and so much I now know.

I take a bad step and I fall in a pit.
I fall to the bottom; and here I shall die.
But wait, I'm alive; I am starting to fly.
I've been resurrected; my pearl, it is lit. 

Return with elixir of wisdom and bare
The pearls that I gathered and now I do share
My treasure with all; for my people I care.
For each of them faces their own giant's lair. 

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