Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Stream of Consciousness

So there I was, surrounded by like 50 men all dressed in black. I thought to myself, "This is like one of those things were everything comes out the way that it's supposed to, but at the moment it only looks like you're going to die and people will be at your funeral with flowers that smell like funeral homes." That's what I was thinking. But I knew I had to survive. Why you ask? Because if I didn't survive, I would be not around in order to do the only thing I was destined to do in life. And that is, be the man who accomplishes "The Deed." There has been many speculations over the past couple of years just about what that "Deed" is. People have come up with a number of theories. They range from "taking coffee pots and placing them inside of elevators in hospitals so that while you're going up to your deathbed, you can have one last cup of coffee to wake you up before you go to sleep" to "going to the dentist and having xrays done only to discover that your teeth are not made of enamel but in actuality are made of plutonium." That's not much of a deed, that second one. It's more of a discovery. Sometimes when I think of discoveries, I think of xboxs that have ravens inside of them. Now that's a discovery. 

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