Monday, March 30, 2009

Truth to be Found

Everyone around is sleeping,
Sleeping without wake or sound.
Only I, awake and thinking,
Write the words before you now.

There are thoughts that have their movement
Inside of this mind of mine.
Here is passion and a hunger
For the things I want to find. 

A Bible every jot and tittle
Giving knowledge from above.
Teaching truths of way eternal
Showing me the God of love.

The truth is hard and hard to swallow;
It won't change like I have to. 
Jesus Christ whom I must follow
Shows the pathway for the few. 

Paul writes that we, in fear and trembling,
Should work out our gift from God.
That gift is our own salvation;
God, forbid it be forgot. 

Yea, forgot or lightly taken,
That is unacceptable. 
Fix my eyes upon you, Jesus,
Not on faith but only You. 

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